B&B Maison Historique James Thompson, Quebec, Canada

B&B Maison Historique James Thompson is a well-designed 5 stars hotel situated at 47 rue Sainte Ursule, Old Quebec, Canada. When you walk out of the resort, it is guaranteed that you will not feel any shortage of public transport, as buses and metros operate 24 hours a day. The high-quality mattress, great sports facilities and hammam are highlights of this hotel.

Hotel Cofortel is the most attractive place to visit near this hotel. This is a wonderful hotel. You must give it a go! B&B Maison Historique James Thompson is in short a perfect blend of service, style, color and spa.

Bed sheets in each at B&B Maison Historique James Thompson are changed each morning to provide healthy sleeping environment. The hotel rooms offer series of conveniences which include refrigerator, balcony and a telephone connection. Kids’ pool, kids’ slide and special rooms for the guests indicate that how much this hotel cares about families.

The beds provide a soothing experience to the guests which are equipped with high quality mattress, comfortable and fluffy. B&B Maison Historique James Thompson features an exercise and fitness center that is not huge, but rather is invigorated and clean for visitors at any time of the day. The first impression of hotel building is expensive-looking, superb and awe-inspiring.

Le Champlain Hotel is present some distance away from this hotel. B&B Maison Historique James Thompson might not be ideally located in terms of many traditional sights like the Old City or the beach yet the transport is quite convenient with easy cab services. Hotel Le Voyageur is among the general sites positioned next to this hotel.

The quality of rooms is obvious as they are separate from the hustle and bustle, unique in design and excellent. Well-furnished kitchens feature sink, conventional oven and tableware. The hotel is committed to provide clean and healthy environment to the guests by providing them ironing service, daily rubbish collection and shoeshine. Attractive, large sized and decorated lobby is something which appeals the guests.

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