Gite Du Vieux-Bourg Beauport, Quebec, Canada

Gite Du Vieux-Bourg Beauport is a 5 stars architectural masterpiece hotel situated at 492 Avenue Royale, Beauport, Quebec City, Canada. Gite Du Vieux-Bourg Beauport building is stupendous and exists with the harmony of environment. The lounge bar at Gite Du Vieux-Bourg Beauport provides a wonderful enjoyment experience at this hotel.

Guests will be more happier when they come to know that the hotel also offers shower/tub combination, separate soaking tub and free use of nearby fitness center. La Victorienne Urbaine is a straightforward drive away. Gite Du Vieux-Bourg Beauport is a monumental popular place for romantic couples and romance.

The artisanal cocktails, busts and comfortable rooms are major reasons for its popularity. Carpeted room, twenty-four-hour business center and concierge services are outstanding characteristics of this hotel which guests takes pride to avail. The rooms are admirable because they are attractive, comfortable and well-furnished.

Gite Du Vieux-Bourg Beauport offers fast, smooth and express check-in/check-out service to the guests. Chateau Repotel Duplessis is a short 3 minutes’ walk from the property. The interior and outer view of this hotel is princely, splendid and glowing.

These stunning features which include superb restaurant, great location and peaceful environment make this hotel ranked high in Quebec, Canada. Some of the freebies which this hotel proudly offers include towels and parking. Families prefer to stay at Gite Du Vieux-Bourg Beauport because of number of special facilities for families.

Gite Du Vieux-Bourg Beauport features a spa down the stairs with six treatment rooms, having some expertise in volcanic stone medications. Food options are available in large varieties and would likely cover all sorts interests.

Musee Premieres Nations Hotel Quebec City is a place of interest which guests can explore. The classic Deluxe Guest Rooms exude sophistication with their timeless elegance and warm décor, offering a excessive amount of amenities for an unforgettable stay.

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